Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lost Humanity

Quotes by me :

"When you Lose Someone who was  your "friend", you realize that she/he doesn`t does anything to get back to the   old status.If it`s like this then it seems to be a "fake friendship" "

"The Human is the most powerful Stranger in the whole World,because they can hurt,kill,torture,hate etc. their own kind."

"The world isn`t polluted by bottles nad things like this. It`s polluted by Humans who don`t care about where they are living and where will tehy live when there will be "nowhere"."

"Humanity is Cruel,and you are a Human too. Do something against it!...Well that`s Cruel too ...."

"You can`t escape easily from this world because you don`t know any other place where you can be, because we do soemthing to destroy what was...and we don`t care about the future ,about where will us be .."

Poem by me :

Where do we dissapear?

Could you Imagine...
A world without Humans...
Just with plants and Animals,
Without cruel things and sadness?

"Well I think it`s impossible,
Because we all seem to be here,
And don`t do anything to be less."
Lies,Lies and again Lies...

I had enough,
I want to hear the true
What can be as big,
As the whole Univers.

And light up as a sun,
Sparkling inside of the dark.
Shouting trought the pain.
And listening to the sound of "HIM".

Could all this be Real?
Or just another Lie what
Brings Humans together,
To create a cruel World?

Do you care about it,
Do you ?
Or you just expect "something"
Just to happen without anything?

Lazy,lazy liar...
Do you know where do we come from ?
Do you have that knowledge?
I would say you don`t...

Where all we going ?
By who are we "instrumated"
Who is playing with us ?
The answer is simple...

We dance to the vibe,
what we hear day by day ,
And it seems to be "nobody"
Because "US" is playing us.

We dissapear easily...
But where,do you know ?
we disappear in "nowhere"
Bacause we distructed ,
That world where we ...

Where we lived once..
And don`t care about the future,
About the "tomorrow"
And about the end.