Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Rain...

Quotes by me :

"The rain is like the pours down slowly...and stops...and next time when starts it began a new life"

"The Rain is  interesting if we look it ,because it can pour down beautiful,,gently slowly...or it can pour down hard,aggressive and fast"

"The rain can`t be just can be felt."

"When is raining...the angel above you is crying." 

"Raining is like can`t rain to infinitive...someday the sun will show out and light the day"

Poem by me:


Raining like crying.
A smile won`t show up.
Pain can`t be hide
by those who felt them,
Right ?

Somebody can do something,
But where is "Somebody"?
It won`t show out,
He is eternal...till` he dies,

But when will he die ?
When he will disappear...
And let the sun to show out?
Will he live till` the end ?
He can`t do it,
Right ?

Questions and more Questions,
Behind them is the unknown.
The pain what should left,
And let the sun to brake the dark,
Is gone now forever,
Right ?

We don`t know.
We don`t have that knowledge.
We are just Human.
And we stop crying when we feel Positive,
Right ?...

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